Data Services using JIRA

SISS Data Services is Australia’s most comprehensive data feed solution for the accounting and financial services industry.

SISS Data Services sources bank data by partnering with Banks and Financial Institutions to provide data directly from their banking systems, not via screen scraping. With the security of a contract with each financial institution, SISS is able to deliver the most accurate, reliable and secure bank data feeds possible.

Bank data is received daily. Our automated software checks the data for completeness, accuracy and each bank account is reconciled. Any discrepancies are resolved by our team before data is released.

Problems they faced

  • SISS has many partners whose data need to be verified and there is a need to system to track the discrepancy data
  • Track time required to work on the data
  • Track members assigned to work on this data
  • Have a proper workflow to understand the status of the work
  • Document Management system

Solutions provided using Jira

Virturer provided the below solution to make things simpler for SISS

  • Configured a clear and intuitive customer portal
  • Configured customizable live queues
  • Configured application for Real-time updates, information and collaboration
  • Configured Advanced SLAs to meet customer commitments
  • Real Time Reporting
  • Configured Automations for repetitive tasks