Atlassian Confluence is popular and powerful tool that lets you edit and share documents within teams in secured manner.

This Confluence wiki software connects people and ideas all in one place so you can spend less time hunting things down, and more time making things happen.


  • Confluence software is a powerful tool as it gives you the power to create meeting notes, project plans, product requirements, user can comment inline and add attachments.
  • Default Templates and Blueprints can be created. Attached files also can be edited.
  • Can provide feedback directly on your files (images, PDFs, spreadsheets, and presentations) and it keeps tracks of versions automatically, so you’re always working on the right one.
  • Sync from anywhere: You can sync your confluence with your iOS or Android device and work from anywhere.
  • You can track team activity, give feedback, and stay in sync between mobile and desktop.
  • Organized workspaces: In Confluence, you can create a space for every team, department, or major project to share information and keep work organized.
  • Page and file versioning: You can track every version and change that you make to a page. Files are automatically versioned.
  • Blogs and discussions: You can share news and announcements across your company, and have active discussions with comments, @mentions and likes.
  • Granular permission controls: restricts content access can be done
  • Quick search tips and a couple of ways to search documentation and to find what you are looking for in Confluence.
  • Confluence Tool can be easily integrated with JIRA

Targeted Users

  • Customers